Digital Marketing in 2020: 6 Strategies you need to implement

by | May 18, 2020 | Digital Marketing

6 Strategies For Digital Marketing that will power you through 2020

The digital marketing landscape has changed rapidly in the past five years, and will continue to evolve. We covered this evolution in our previous post on how digital marketing has changed in 2020.  Even while writing this article the landscape is still shifting. The silver lining to this state of constant flux is that by staying on top of the latest trends, you can always have an edge over your competition. Embracing the change and uncertainty of the digital marketing landscape and being open to adapting your strategy will give you an edge over your peers.

If we know that marketing is constantly evolving, how should we move forward? We have compiled 6 approaches to developing a digital marketing strategy that will power you through 2020 and even into 2021.

Focus on your brand

Focusing on your brand voice will always be a worthwhile investment. No matter what the current digital trends are, an authentic, well-crafted brand will remain timeless. Audiences will rely on a brand they trust to tell them what they want or need. Using your brand to build a community will cement customer loyalty and investment. Communicate your mission to allow your audience to “buy-in” and join you in furthering your values, host events, and develop creative ways to forge a personal connection to your customer base.

Also, be sure to manage your online reputation. Keep your social profiles up to date and respond to online reviews on a regular basis. Leave comments thanking positive reviewers for their business, and offer a response and a chance to make things right with negative reviews.

Produce More Content

In 2020, producing content needs to be a key focus of your marketing campaign. The average prospect, client, or customer consumes 13 pieces of content before making a buying decision. You need to produce content that speaks to your audience and reinforces the voice and mission of your brand to maintain and grow your customer base.

Use a multi-touch point content strategy to engage a wider variety of consumers by utilizing video posts, social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc…), photos, blog posts and off-site posting. The more high-quality content you can produce, the stronger your voice will be. Investing in developing a body of content will pay off over time by supporting your sales team, improving your credibility and increasing your SEO.

Cultivate your Social Voice

You need to be incredibly active in social media. Use all of the social media outlets that resonate with your audience to cultivate conversation and community with followers and potential customers. Posting at regular intervals with a consistent voice is a low-cost simple way to produce great brand content. Be sure to join the conversation—being an active participant helps create community and make your customers feel a deeper personal connection to you and your organization.

Engage with Video

Adding video to your strategy and content library should be another key priority in your digital marketing strategy. Video is the most consumed type of content on the internet and your audience wants to watch more. About 54% of consumers want to see more videos from their favorite brands. The investment in producing these videos pays off—video marketers see a 66% increase in ROI compared to those who don’t use the media. Video can include:

  • Vlogs: tell a story or share information
  • Tutorials: show your audience how to meet their goals or guide them through a process
  • Live video: live streaming through channels such as Facebook Live or Instagram Live

Create campaigns with intent

Maximize your ROI by taking the time to build out a direct and driven campaign. Campaigns need to be direct and driven to avoid wasting time and money on projects that won’t see results. Design your campaign to use the following flow:

  1. Communicate your brand message to your audience through engaging content.
  2. The content message should demonstrate that your services or product meets their needs and connect them to an ad. This ad will link the audience to your landing page.
  3. Your landing page should engage visitors to convert them into customers. Pique their interest by using attention grabbing titles, vivid visuals and capture their data by offering valuable resources in exchange for contact information.

Be flexible and prepared for change

The following approach is the most important: Be flexible. Things in the space are changing rapidly, and you need to move quickly and be ready to jump on new methods. A crucial key to the success of your digital marketing campaign will be consistently learning and developing. You need to always be up to date on new research, methods, trends and ideas so you can start implementing them ahead of the curve and keep an edge on your competition.

2020 is your chance to really win

The digital marketing space moves quickly and staying on top of it is critical. In 2020, it is important to focus on building your brand while producing consistent content and engaging through social media to keep your audience engaged and loyal. Make sure to prioritize video, the most popular type of content, in your strategy. To keep your strategy relevant, however, it is important that you think strategically about your campaign and be ready to pivot as soon as trends start to shift. The only constant about the digital marketing space is that it is constantly changing. By staying educated and ready to implement new concepts and trends, you can give yourself the edge you need to get effective and consistent results from your digital marketing campaign.

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