Photography & Videography

Our professional photography and videography team will help bring your brand to life. Powerful visuals are essential to any marketing campaign. They spark an interest in potential customers, build deeper connections with your existing audience and increase conversions across the board.

Putting professional media at the forefront of your brand demonstrates that your organization is cutting edge and that you invest in the best for both your image and that of your customers. Impressive and strategic professional branding photography helps your organization tell your story, drives social engagement and makes your marketing campaign more dynamic and effective.


Professional branding photography

SWS provides professional photography services that bring a fresh edge to your image. We have professional photographers on staff that specialize in corporate photography and have the gear, equipment and expertise to handle any job. Our team creates inspiring visual content to actualize your brand that you will be able to use throughout your entire marketing campaign.

How you can use branding photography

You can use our versatile branding photography to create a cohesive set of images to promote your brand in a variety of outlets.

Website Photos

Your landing page may be a potential customer’s first impression of your organization. We create cohesive sets of professional images to make sure your website gives visitors an authentic view into your brand, mission and values.

Social media

Many potential customers will be introduced to your company by stumbling upon your social media pages. Using branded photography creates  streamlined and coherent content so you can tell your story.

Product Photography

Showing your products in their best light makes them more appealing to your audience and can give you an edge over the competition.

Ads and advertisements

Professional photographs are essential to create polished branding that strategically engages and grows your audience.

Corporate headshots

High quality headshots are essential in today’s digital worldcorporate headshots showcase the people behind your company and your company’s brand and values to potential clients. Whether you want to show a side of your employees that is classically professional or polished yet playful, we’ll make sure your people have their best face forward.

Professional videography services

Video is now the most consumed media on the internet—it is used on social media, on websites, and in advertising and has become one of the most powerful branding tools on the planet. Our professional video services include:

Explainer videos

An explainer video is a short video that grabs the attention of site visitors to give them a quick overview of your business, brand and services when they visit your site or landing page.

Promo videos

Our dynamic and creative promo videos raise brand awareness, educate customers and drive traffic to your site.

Training videos

Our professional training videos educate both employees and customers effectively and efficiently.

Full commercials

Full commercials are an invaluable tool for growing your audience and building awareness of your brand. We write, film and produce full-length professional commercials for both online and television use.

Our video and photo process

We make the photo and video process easy. Before we arrive at each photo or video shoot, we listen to you and make sure that we understand your goals for the project, who the audience is, and which outlets will be used to promote the media.

By asking these questions up front, we can start every shoot well prepared. We arrive with all the equipment needed, scripts written and a storyboard or shot list to make the process of creating as simple and streamlined as possible. You just show up, and we take care of the rest.

We Make the Process Easy

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