About Signature W Studio

The Burning Questions

Who is Signature W Studio?

We are a digital marketing agency in Charlotte, NC.

Our goal is simple, we aim to create brands, campaigns, and online properties that are effective and our clients can be proud of. So far we are meeting our goals, let us help you meet yours too.

We believe in creating lasting partnerships with clients so we can deliver our best work.

What does Signature W Studio do?

We create full branding solutions paired with campaign and message delivery that optimizes an organization’s online presence.

We don’t believe in one-size fits all marketing or selling individual services.  We believe in being a complete marketing resource.  

Our Approach…

We always start by listening.  We like to understand our clients goals, culture, processes, and what makes them unique.  Only after we have established a strong understanding of your organization can we begin creating your campaign.  

After the initial on-boarding session, we get to work.  We start by identifying your audience and where they spend their time online, what publications do they read, what social networks, etc..  We will then craft a message for that audience at different stages of the consumer journey. 

Once the message is crafted we will create a multipoint touch strategy and develop digital assets that support the campaign. 

Uniquely personal

We chose to call our agency Signature W Studio because of the power in a signature. A signature is deeply personal. A signature is a person’s undeniable self-identification as physical evidence and certification of content.

We put our signature behind everything we produce. If we aren’t proud of it, or it won’t get results, we won’t sign off on it.