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by | Mar 28, 2022 | Content Marketing

Search Engine Journal recently published an article about the 11 questions you need to ask a content marketing firm before you hire them.  Since we do content marketing, we’re making it easy for you by answering these questions in advance. 

Read on to find our answers to SEJs 11 questions you should ask a content marketing agency if you are looking to reach your goals through content marketing.

Question 1: Do You Perform SEO?

The short answer — yes, we do.

Content and content marketing plays a critical role in search engine optimization. In fact, one could argue that blogging, organic social media, and digital PR play just as significant a role in SEO as the technical elements. Even if a content marketing firm doesn’t “do” SEO, the content created will almost certainly impact your search engine performance, so it’s crucial to know how the two interact.

Question 2: How Will You Help Our Business?

Content marketing will help propel your business forward in many different ways. Content covers every aspect of the consumer journey, guiding them through each phase of the funnel until they finally make a purchase or secure a service. Through our content marketing strategy, we’ll help power your SEO and sales performance through blogs and site content. Ultimately, it’s these materials that will make your business look better to prospective customers.

Question 3: What Results Can We Expect?

By investing in a solid content marketing strategy, you’ll be able to achieve incredible results in many areas of your business, including:

  • Site Traffic: Attract more potential customers to your website by developing a consistent content plan.
  • Social Following: Increase the number of followers across all of your social channels by creating a strong organic social media posting strategy.
  • Sales: A strong content strategy will help guide the consumer through a carefully thought-out journey that ultimately results in increased sales for your business.

It’s important to note that — particularly when it comes to social media and sales content — more engaged organizations will experience better results. Take an active role by keeping employees abreast of any new blog posts, social media posts, or webpages that are published by the company to help maximize sharing opportunities and reach.

Question 4: How Do You Report on Results?

Each of our clients is provided with a dashboard that showcases their content-specific results. These results are typically broken down into important KPIs, such as engagement rate, site traffic, conversions, or reach. Our team will also schedule regular reporting calls with your team to review results and identify opportunities for improvement.

Question 5: What Will Be Required of Our Team?

When beginning to work with our team, initial engagement will require the following:

    • Content Approval: We’ll establish an approval process according to your neesd & requiremnets to ensure that all materials created are on-brand, accurate, and approved for publishing.
    • Feedback: During the content approval process, we’ll open the floor to any feedback you and your team may have so we can make any necessary edits prior to publishing.
    • Meetings: Every brand’s voice is different, and the only way to master the art of storytelling for your business is by allowing our team to meet regularly with yours to get a better idea for how you speak about your company.

Just like in Question 3, the more engaged you are in the content creation process, the more you will ultimately get out of the experience!

Question 6: What Industries Do You Specialize In?

At Signature W. Studio, our team covers a broad range of industries, offering specialized expertise in the following areas:

  • Pet Services
  • Industrial B2B (i.e. Industrial Paint, Industrial Design, Industrial Equipment Manufacturing)
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Consumer Goods/Retail
  • Insurance

Question 7: How Will the Project Be Managed?

Our team uses a one-of-a-kind project tool called the Campaign Nucleus. Through this project management tool was developed in-house.  The campaign nucleus will hold all of our campaign information for content marketing success, including:

  • Target keywords
  • Blog topics
  • Content clusters
  • Sitemaps
  • Digital PR opportunities
  • Social media content
  • Running ad content
  • URL inventory

Each Campaign Nucleus is custom-tailored to our clients’ unique needs and is easily accessible online for 100% transparency.

Question 8: Can You Share Proof of Results?

Absolutely! Our team is proud of the accomplishments we’ve helped our clients achieve through our content marketing campaigns. We have a number of case studies available that we can share with you, or you can view those currently available on our website.

Question 9: What Types of Content Do You Create?

Our content creation specialists are experts at creating the precise materials that will speak to your target audience. We have experience developing the following types of content for our clients:

  • Sales Assets: From marketing materials and sales verbiage to company brochures and direct mailers, we can create the sales materials you need to improve your bottom line.
  • Blogs: We’ll create a comprehensive content strategy to keep your blog updated on a monthly basis so you can keep your website in compliance with Google’s ever-changing SEO algorithms.
  • Website Content: Our team will identify opportunities for creating new webpages that can help improve your rankings on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).
  • Organic Social Media: From hashtag research to custom graphics, we handle every aspect of organic social media posting for your business so all you need to do is like, share, and comment!
  • Ad Copy: We’ll craft the ad copy you need to reach the right people in the right place at the right time, every time.
  • Emails: Reach your audience right in their inbox with carefully crafted email campaigns that drive sales from your mailing list.

Question 10: What Tools Do You Use?

We use a number of tools that are proven to work, each one serving a specific purpose to help drive the success of your content marketing campaign. These tools include:

  • SparkToro: This audience analysis platform allows us to unlock the full potential of your reach to customers you never knew existed.
  • Ahrefs: Through this keyword research and content analysis platform, we’ll identify the key search terms and content that your audience is most interested in seeing.
  • DashThis: Our dashboard reporting system empowers our clients with full insights into their content marketing performance, from social media performance to site traffic analytics.
  • Project Management: Whether it’s our proprietary Campaign Nucleus or the Productive platform, we make project management easy, simple, and 100% transparent.
  • Common Free Tools: From Google Analytics and Google Drive to Facebook Business Suite and Keyword Planner, we rely on a number of free tools to deliver powerful results in the most cost-effective manner for our clients.

Question 11: What Will It Cost?

Now that is the million-dollar question (no, it won’t cost you $1 million). Every campaign is different and requires different tools, man-hours, and services to accomplish. As such, it’s difficult to assign a one-size-fits-all cost to content marketing. If you’re interested in having our team put together a service quote for your specific needs, feel free to contact our content marketing professionals online today!

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Bill has been an active marketer for over 15 years with experience leading teams in web development, SEO, and lead generation. Bill founded Signature W Studio in 2018 in Charlotte, NC. Bill's goal with Signature W Studio is to create lasting partnerships with his clients.

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