How to Write a Great Value Proposition

by | Apr 6, 2020 | Video, Website Content

How do I find content to write a great Value Proposition?

For every website to be successful, it needs to showcase and highlight your unique value.
Writing a good value proposition for your business can be difficult.
In this video I covered:

  • 2 great places to get your REAL value proposition
  • How to apply this information to your website

Video Transcript

I Still have the dragon wallpaper.

Welcome everybody to another video. Today we’re going to be talking about something that I know pains a lot of people and that is generating content for their websites specifically when they are not a writer or having trouble finding different places and ways to develop content for their websites. So one thing that’s a problem for a lot of people that could become an issue is developing content. We know we need it, we know we don’t only need it for our websites, for search engine optimization and Google to crawl this content. But we also need to help our users understand what is better about us, what we do, how we do it better than our competition so we can stand out when people are searching for their next provider or their next service.

A great resource for this type of content is your customers themselves. They’re the ones that have experience with you. They’re the ones that have the really firsthand knowledge about how you are better, especially the customers that are leaving reviews about you, are raving about you or potentially giving referrals. Those are the clients that you want to understand what they have to say and you can take that content and translate it to your website.

So there’s two ways that you can develop this content and make it shine through your website and the first place to look for that content when you’re trying to develop it is on your review sites: Yelp, Google My business, Facebook. All of these customers that are going out of their way to leave you reviews are probably explaining in their review why they had such a great experience with your business. A client of mine here that has had some stellar reviews left on their Google My Business page and taking a look at a few, you can start to develop themes about what people are saying about your business and that will help you develop that content for your website. Or you can develop things that speak to their reviews or the things they’re saying about you that will help you shine on your website that could potentially separate you from your competition.

A lot of what these reviews are saying and scrolling through here is efficiency and speed at which he performed the job. There’s a lot of things here like, “The job was done quickly and efficiently. Brian did an excellent job. He was quick and efficient. Brian gave me an estimate on Wednesday and Thursday morning, he came out and fixed my fence.” So how do you turn this review into content for your website?

So something like this I would go ahead or if I had a website that I was trying to add these things about the speed and efficiency that I worked, I would go ahead and build a section on my website, on my homepage that is a little carved out section that is titled, We Work Fast and Efficiently, and then talk about some of these things. We will come out same day. We will work the following day, appointments 24 hours after the proposal. Some way that showcases these things that people are saying about you in the best way possible. And then even take some of these reviews and put them on your website. So people that are reviewing you or understanding, if they want to do business with you, can see those reviews on your site as they’re looking at your other services.

Another great way to get content for your website to understand what you do better than your competition and how to really sell your value is asking your customers directly when you’re done with their service if they’re happy with you. Don’t forget to one, ask for that review, but then ask them what made them so happy about the service? What were the things that you had done better than someone that had potentially previously done this same type of work for them? And they will be honest and tell you exactly what that is. Take that information, get it on your site so you can share that with everybody else and it’s a great way to generate new content for your website. Thanks, and we will see you in the next video.

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