What is website maintenance and what am I paying for?

by | Oct 19, 2020 | Digital News & Information

Your website is crucial to your business— it brings in revenue, establishes your legitimacy to potential customers, and is the flagship for your digital brand. Keeping your website up and running should be a top priority.

Whether you are paying for hosting services or hosting your site yourself, it is important to remember that websites don’t maintain themselves. Professional website maintenance helps safeguard your site from crashing, data loss, and developing other performance issues that negatively affect both your image and your bottom lines.

Keep reading to learn about website maintenance, what services a website maintenance package typically includes, and how it can help keep your website fully functional and secure.

What website maintenance covers

The details of what website maintenance packages cover varies from agency to agency, but most every agency includes the following basics in a website maintenance package:

Website backend updates

Having outdated website software or plug-in versions can cause security risks to your website. Website backend updates make sure your website is always using the newest and most appropriate software and that plugins and modules are up-to-date.

Web server maintenance

Web server maintenance ensures that the systems housing your website are always updated and running at peak performance. Regular maintenance helps prevent potential server issues such as data loss, crashing and network failures that can damage your site and business.

Uptime monitoring

Your website maintenance provider will monitor your website uptime. This means that in the event that there is an issue with your site, you want to be alerted and have it fixed as soon as possible.

Version control

Your web maintenance provider will confirm that your website uses the appropriate software versions to keep your site functioning at the highest level possible.

Data transfer monitoring

By keeping an eye on your data transfer, your web maintenance provider will make sure that your forms are submitting correctly.


If your website crashes, you can lose all your data and have to spend hours repairing your site. Backing your website up on a daily basis is a safeguard to ensure that your data will remain intact so you can bounce back quickly if your site is damaged.

What website maintenance is not

It is easy to confuse website maintenance with the following services:

Web Hosting

Although website hosting is sometimes included in website maintenance packages, the two are different and distinct services. Website hosting is the process when a hosting provider allocates space on a web server to store your site and allow it to be accessed by internet users, while website maintenance is the process of continuously keeping your site up-to-date and issue-free.

If you choose to buy web hosting from your website maintenance provider, make sure you are clear on where your site will be hosted. This will help you to avoid issues down the road if you decide to choose a different web maintenance provider at a later time.

Website Edits

A website maintenance package will not typically include making edits to your website such as changing content, adding images, or building new pages. Website editing services are usually covered in a different type of package, so you will need to discuss options with your website provider if you want to add these services.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

A properly maintained website is important to maintain your levels of SEO, but SEO optimization is included in website maintenance services. Contact an SEO specialist if you are looking to increase your appearance in search engines.

Your website is one of the most valuable pieces of your business. A website that compromises data, goes off line or isn’t able to provide inconsistent access to the tools and information your site visitors need can make for lost sales and unhappy customers. Although proper website maintenance can be time consuming, investing in a website maintenance service package from a third-party provider can help you make sure that your website is functioning, up-to-date and makes a great first impression to potential customers.

Transparency, cost, and accountability

The key to understanding website maintenance is to have an upfront conversation with your provider.
Costs and maintenance plans will vary from agency to agency. It is important to be upfront and transparent and also ask the right questions to understand what you are getting with your web maintenance services.

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