How to Hire More Candidates Through Digital Marketing Campaigns

by | Sep 8, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy

Despite the highest number of job openings since before the global pandemic hit in 2020, there are fewer people in the labor force, according to the Labor Department and private recruiting sites.

Employers — especially those in industries like manufacturing, dining, and construction — are finding it increasingly difficult to get their job openings seen by quality candidates in their field. Part of this is due to concerns surrounding the rise in COVID-19 cases; however, other factors like changing employee behavior and the meteoric rise of accepted remote work have also played a significant role in making it harder to hire.

With the ever-changing labor landscape, it’s no surprise that business owners across the nation are seeking new ways to reach the candidates they need to remain operational.

Enter digital marketing…

By investing in online marketing for hiring campaigns, hiring managers can target the candidates that are best-suited for their current job openings.

Signature W has now crafted several successful hiring campaigns utilizing digital marketing strategies. The best digital marketing campaigns for hiring new employees are those that do 2 things well:
1. Selling your company’s key differentiators.
2. Get in front of the right audience.

Selling Your Company in a Competitive Job Market

It might seem counter-intuitive for an employer to sell their business to prospective candidates: Isn’t it the job-seeker that’s supposed to prove themselves during the interview?

While this might be true to a certain degree, today’s job-hunters aren’t just searching for another job. The people in today’s job market are willing to hold out for the right job at the right company.

This means that businesses and their hiring departments will need to put more effort into how they market their company’s culture, vision, and unique differentiators.

How we Effectively Market Your Company to Prospective Candidates

There are many ways in which businesses can sell prospective candidates on their available job openings, including:

Video Creation

Creating a video that sells the position as well as the company is a great way to engage with potential employees. Videos should highlight the benefits of working at the company beyond what a basic job description would provide, bringing candidates behind the curtain for an in-depth look at the company’s culture.

Content Creation

Developing blog posts that address the reasons why a job-seeker would want to work with the company is another effective way to pique their interest. Content of this type should be built out into two categories, namely “Why You Should Want to Work as ‘X’” and “Why You Should Want to Work in ‘X’ Industry.”

Job Description

Today’s candidates are looking for more than the traditional job description. Companies need to speak directly to the person reading their job listing, keeping the language conversational yet being forthright in their description of the ideal candidate.

Getting Your Company in Front of the Right Candidate

Creating digital content to attract new employees is one thing, but ensuring that content is delivered to the right people in the right place at the right time is another endeavor entirely. Companies need to be strategic in how they market their job listings online, taking advantage of digital tools beyond simply posting available positions on job boards like Indeed or Monster. They also need to consider the other aspects of their digital presence, including search engine optimization, social media marketing, and geo-targeting.

How We Get Your Company Found by Job Seekers Online

It’s important to leverage the online tools and resources available to yield the best results when attracting new candidates. These include:

Job Boards

While candidates expect more from their job-hunting experience, having a presence on job boards is essential to attracting valuable resumes. When posting, it’s important to be industry-specific, creative, and post the listing on the company’s website as well. Be sure to include any video or image assets for a more engaging experience.

Schema Markup

Google sees anywhere between 50 and 150 million job searches each month. There is an entire scheme available to businesses that they can use when developing their job descriptions. Doing this will increase the chances of appearing in a search from a viable candidate.

Social Media

Marketing on social media is a great way to reach the right job candidates within a given industry. Job ads are considered a special category, so it’s important to follow the specific guidelines laid out in the platform’s advertising policy. Not only is it critical to develop a social media ad campaign around the job opening, but it’s also important to post about the job listing to the company’s individual channels as well to ensure maximum reach and engagement.

GPS Targeting

This is a creative method of marketing to the competition. Companies can geolocate the competition and common places that ideal candidates go, using this information to serve ads in strategic places online to advertise the open position based on where candidates are present.

Leveraging the Power of Professional Digital Marketing

Attracting more candidates is an uphill battle that business owners and hiring managers need to handle strategically.
It takes years of expertise to develop an effective, impactful digital marketing campaign on the first try, which is why many companies choose to leave their marketing needs to the professionals.

Signature W. Studio has run successful hiring campaigns using our proven system for online marketing. Allow us to help you overcome the current labor shortage by connecting with our digital marketing experts!

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