Outsourced SEO: For Marketing Agencies & In-House Teams

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As marketing agencies become more niche and the hiring market becomes increasingly specialized, outsourcing search engine optimization has become a popular choice — and for good reason. Hiring a third party to perform SEO is a great way to maximize savings while diversifying services and providing specialized solutions to clients.

At Signature W Studio, our team receives regular requests for outsourced SEO services. We have been able to help agencies expand their offerings for their clients without sacrificing their bottom line.

What is Outsourced Search Engine Optimization?

Outsourced SEO is the act of hiring a third party to perform SEO for your business rather than hiring an in-house analyst or team of SEO professionals. There are two main types of outsourced SEO:

Agency Partners

Agency partners are other marketing agencies that bring on another agency, such as Signature W Studio, to perform the SEO duties and research required for their clients.

In-House Outsourcing

This is when individual businesses bring in an agency to specifically handle the SEO efforts for their business or enterprise.

Why Outsource SEO at a Digital Marketing Agency?

Whether choosing an agency partner or an in-house SEO specialist, outsourcing offers many different advantages, including:


Agencies specializing in search engine optimization offer greater knowledge and years of industry expertise. An agency that’s laser-focused on SEO can be a much more worthwhile investment than hiring a general “jack-of-all-trades” marketer that dabbles in many different digital arenas. While they might be able to adhere to general SEO best practices, general marketing professionals may not be familiar with the ever-changing algorithms that demand a higher degree of dedication to master.


Regardless of whether an agency chooses an individual professional or an entire team, the cost is typically much less expensive than hiring an in-house SEO analyst or team of analysts. Hiring in-house can put a serious strain on your bottom line as you shell out extra expenses for the additional overhead. Most outsourced SEO services provided by specialized agencies are offered at a pre-negotiated, monthly rate, allowing marketing companies the freedom and flexibility to find the specialist that’s best-suited for their budget.


An SEO agency is already equipped with the necessary tools of the trade, providing the clients they serve with access to these same resources. Digital marketing agencies don’t need to pay for additional subscriptions, tools, or programs, like they would have if they decided to hire an in-house SEO employee instead.

White-label offerings

One of the greatest advantages to outsourcing an SEO specialist or agency is that it affords digital marketing companies the opportunity to offer additional services to their clients. This, in turn, strengthens their existing client relationships and drives new clientele, thereby earning both parties increased revenue.

Who Can Outsource SEO Services?

Outsourcing SEO services — whether as part of an agency partnership or in-house SEO outsourcing — is a great solution for any agency wanting to improve organic search activity for their clients but that doesn’t have the appropriate staff or resources to do so.

SEO outsourcing is particularly advantageous for agency partners seeking to white-label search engine optimization services under their own name. For instance, a marketing agency may approach an individual SEO specialist to form a white label agreement under which they advertise search engine optimization capabilities to their clients without attributing these service offerings to a third-party entity.

In addition to agency partners, in-house businesses that aren’t able to hire an SEO team make great candidates for outsourcing search engine optimization services. A good example of this is when a larger corporation — like Coca Cola — has its own in-house marketing company. If that marketing company doesn’t have an SEO team already, the larger corporation may be unable (or unwilling) to compensate for the additional overhead. In that case, it might make more sense to outsource to a third-party agency for a more affordable, specialized solution.

Why Outsource SEO with Signature W Studio?

While Signature W Studio falls under the full-service marketing umbrella, at our heart, we are true SEO specialists. Our Charlotte, NC search engine optimization agency is proficient in technical SEO, content marketing, outreach, audience development, and much more.

We are confident in our ability to provide marketing agencies the SEO solutions they need, currently partnering with several agencies that use our search engine optimization capabilities to white-label services to their clients. Improve organic search activity, strengthen client relationships, and attract new business by inquiring about our outsourced SEO services today.

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Bill has been an active marketer for over 15 years with experience leading teams in web development, SEO, and lead generation. Bill founded Signature W Studio in 2018 in Charlotte, NC. Bill's goal with Signature W Studio is to create lasting partnerships with his clients.

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