Develop Your Brand

Branding is the heart of your business. It’s how people search for you, how they engage with you, and how they recognize you. Without a strong brand, digital marketing tactics aren’t as effective as they could be.

Your brand establishes who you are to the world. It is the bedrock of your online reputation.

Connect with your target audience and develop a powerful brand

Branding services rooted in Charlotte, NC

Signature W Studios has a full line of options when it comes to branding your business. We are ready to help new startup business, organizations ready to rebrand, or businesses that have been around for years.

We have the capabilities to develop your brand, refresh your brand, or help establish your brand.

the First Branding Session…

To help you with your brand we need to first understand your brand. All of our client engagements start with a brand or on-boarding meeting.

In these meetings we really get to know you, your brand, and your audience. We become really successful when we can fully integrate into your business.

How we brand your business

Signature W Studio is a branding agency at heart. We have created, established, rebranded and branded businesses locally in Charlotte and throughout the United States. We take an approach to branding that includes:

Photography and Videography

Digital images and video are the most consumed media in the world. Having your own professionally shot, edited, scripted, and composed media allows you to represent your business in the best way possible.

Signature W Studio is a full production studio. We are professional photographers and videographers equipped to handle any scale project.

Audience Profiling and Consumer Journey Mapping

A big part of who you are is who your customers are. Part of our on-boarding meeting is dedicated to understanding your clients. Once we know who your target audience is, we can then map their journey from awareness to advocate.

Once we know the journey and where they spend their time on-line we can develop the right content and digital assets to capture their attention.

Strategy Creation

The last piece to your brand is getting the message out. After we establish your brand, create your digital media, and identify your audience, we can develop distribution strategy.

What we identify in the brand session powers this stage. We will create a mix of digital tactics that will benefit your brand and serve your audience.

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