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A&K Painting Company

See how we increased leads, exposure, and created a unique and custom online marketing strategy for this B2B Industrial Painting Company.

A&K Painting Company

Who they are – What they needed

A&K Painting Company is a regional industrial & commercial painting company based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

A&K was looking for a local marketing agency in Charlotte that could create a comprehensive B2B marketing strategy.

This strategy needed to address 3 specific areas and target a unique audience.

The Strategy

Our Approach for this campaign


Online Presence

The recreation of the A&K website that will be a hub for all marketing activities.



The creation and development of content & search engine optimization.



Develop a campaign that will target individuals at different stages in the decision process.

How We Did It

Website Redesign

Updated and Modernized All Pages

We redesigned the site to focus on a new modern look that also showcased client work but also focused on SEO and conversion.

A focus on organic search

We crawled through the entire site and optimized pages to improve Google search performance.

Industry Pages

We structured the site and created individual service and industry pages.

Content Development

We started a comprehensive content campaign to generate off-site link activity and promote organic search.
How We Did It

Content Creation & Improved search performance

Keyword Optimization

We performed extensive keyword research to identify opportunities for growth.

Content marketing & Blog Creation

We created content with the specific intent to educate users and enable organic search efforts.

Off-site Content

We created content that was featured in prominent industry publication. This generated valuable links back to the website and showed A&K as an authority in the space.

Social Content & Professional Photography

We setup photoshoots for prominent jobs in the area and also created images and graphics for use in social media campaigns.
How We Did It

A highly targeted B2B campaign

Location Targeting

We ran location targeting campaigns that used GPS technology to blueprint targeted facilities that were potential A&K prospects.

Social Media & Audience Profiling

We used social media marketing to deliver our adds to a specific demographic. We also used our location audience and specific audience traits to also segment our social campaigns.

Email Campaigns

We used our existing client contact list to drive email campaigns that re-engaged our active client base.

Search Engine Marketing

To target down funnel prospects we ran a highly managed PPC campaign to capitalize on search activity.

The Results

YOY Traffic Growth


increase in year over year traffic

Lead Growth


Increase in Leads Month over month

Social Audience Growth


Increase is social engagement

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