Avoid This SEO Scam: Bargain Basement SEO

by | Apr 11, 2022 | Agency Operations, SEO

Cheap SEO is never a good idea

Finding the right SEO Agency is a top concern for many business owners. But one thing that should always be avoided is the temptation to go with an SEO service that’s priced unusually low. A digital marketing agency promising to perform SEO for $299 a month is a red flag that all small businesses should avoid.

Here at Signature W. Studio, we’ve been in the digital marketing space for quite some time. We understand what it takes for a site to position well in Google Search, relying on our years of industry expertise to navigate the nuances of quality SEO and the effort it takes to get there. This is why we cringe whenever we see agencies promoting “kick ass SEO” with “page one ranking guaranteed in 90 days or less.” When something seems too good to be true, it most likely is.

Never trust your businesses online success with a company that promises results for such a low price. There is a reason some SEO agencies charge substantial fees for their services.

Why Avoid Cheap SEO Services?

Put simply, it’s impossible for an agency to provide quality SEO services for such a low fee. Search engine optimization is a labor-intensive process that must account for many different factors in order to get right.  Any service provider offering SEO for such a low rate is likely cutting corners, or — quite frankly — doing nothing. Many times, these agencies make a few small changes to the site, hoping that it will begin to position for a few obscure keywords rather than using precise, data-driven techniques to drive real results for their clients.

In addition to advertising a low fee, agencies that guarantee page one rankings within a set timeframe should be scrutinized carefully. Because of the many factors to properly position a website, it’s irresponsible for a digital marketer to predict or promise when they can get your site to rank. If they can, it’s most likely because they are positioning very specific, longtail keywords with no search volume just to fulfill their lofty promises. In fact, agencies that rely on these tactics can actually do more harm than good for your website: These bargain basement SEO providers are likely relying on black-hat tactics that can eventually get you penalized or even blacklisted by Google. Imagine trusting your website performance to a so-called “expert” only to have your site blacklisted from the very search engine you need to access your customers — scary, right?

What Should You Look for in an SEO Provider?

If you’re searching for an SEO provider to help boost your small business’ site performance, it’s best to look for an agency that can provide the following:

  • Transparency: An SEO specialist should be transparent about the breadth of services they provide. They should offer a detailed breakdown of your project, letting you know exactly what they’re doing, when, and why it’s important.
  • Education: High-quality search engine optimization experts take the time to educate their clients about the methods behind their decision-making. Your provider should act as your guide to the SEO world, allowing you to gain an understanding of the tactics used in your overall marketing strategy.
  • Explanation: In addition to providing you with detailed information about the processes involved in your SEO efforts, your provider should also explain your budget. You should be able to easily identify where your dollars are being spent within your SEO budget, and what results that budget ultimately earned you.

It’s important that you speak to many different digital marketing agencies before selecting the one that’s best for your needs. While affordability should certainly be a factor in your decision-making process, reject the urge to simply choose the cheapest option. As the old adage goes, “You get what you pay for.”

Find the Right SEO Provider That Suits Your Needs>

Bargain SEO services might be able to do the trick if, say, you’re a plumber in Big Sky, MT with a population of 3,000 people. All you may need to position well in this case is a one-page website with a Google My Business page. But for small businesses operating in more populous, competitive spaces, these SEO snake oil peddlers should be avoided at all costs.

Choosing the wrong provider can end up doing your website (and your business) more harm than good. You should always seek personalized solutions for your website from a quality SEO provider. Our digital marketing team specializes in developing proven SEO strategies that help small businesses meet their objectives within a realistic timeline. For more understanding of SEO Pricing, checkout our other post: How Much Should You Pay For SEO?

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